Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Milford, OH

UpLift is proud to supply Milford, Ohio, patients with an outstanding selection of medical marijuana products and expert service to aid in selection. We’re passionate about helping our patients through every step of the purchasing process. At UpLift, we believe that it should be comfortable and easy to get the cannabis products you need. With an Ohio patient card, you can check into our dispensary and enjoy personalized service that helps dispel the stigma of medical marijuana use and focuses on connecting you with the right strain and form for your needs.

How Do I Buy Medical Marijuana in Ohio?

You must register for a patient card in Ohio to shop for medical marijuana products at UpLift or any Milford cannabis dispensary. Dispensaries are not permitted to offer referrals or recommendations to certified physicians, but you can get more information from the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Cannabis Control. Registration is good for one year and expires on the last day of the month in which you initially got your patient card.

Can I Order Cannabis Online?

Yes, you can order cannabis products online from UpLift. We make it easy to shop from the comfort of your home. You can then place cannabis orders for pickup the following day. We offer a complete selection of flowers, edibles, tinctures, vaporizers, and concentrates online. You can take your time exploring all the options, make your selection, and pick up your ready-made order in our dispensary the next day. We’re open seven days a week to provide a ready supply of the cannabis treatments that you need.

Medical Cannabis Products

At UpLift, we offer cannabis products through a variety of intake methods so you can get the appropriate dosage in the product that’s most comfortable and convenient for you. Our expert staff members are available to help you navigate these options, understand the pros and cons, and find the best solution.

Medical THC Vape Pens

THC vape pens heat a flower or oil to create vapor that you can inhale. The vapor delivers pure cannabinoids that provide quick effects. Unlike smoking, vaping is free from tar and potential carcinogens. Vaping is also discreet and smoke-free. UpLift carries a variety of vape pens and cartridges. You can customize your dose and even choose an appealing flavor to detract from the traditional taste of cannabis. We also carry the accessories you need for your vape pen, such as extra batteries.

Medical Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles come in the form of both food and drink products that you can consume to get the appropriate dose of THC and other cannabinoids. Edibles travel through the liver and gastrointestinal tract which impacts the onset time and overall effect of the cannabis product. Edibles may take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to kick in and the effects usually last for four to 10 hours depending on the product and dosage.

It’s important to know what you’re getting when you purchase cannabis edibles, which is why we keep an expert staff on hand to advise you in the selection process. Our online product listings also include ample details to help you make your choice, including the THC content, CBD content, onset time, and general effects of the edible. We offer a broad selection of products including gummies, hard candy, chocolates, drinks, and dissolvables.

Medical Cannabis Concentrates

Medical cannabis concentrates deliver high THC dosages very quickly. Concentrates are typically consumed using a dab rig. We sell the appropriate accessories for safely using concentrates. It’s important to use concentrates carefully as they have very strong effects that take place almost immediately. Our expert staff members can give you the information you need to properly select and use cannabis concentrates as a medical treatment.

Medical THC Tincture

A medical THC tincture contains concentrated cannabis extracts infused in a liquid such as alcohol or glycerin. You can consume tinctures directly using a dropper, add them to food or beverages, or apply them topically. Our staff can help you explore your options with your preferred intake method in mind so you get the best product for your needs. Tinctures are ideal for patients who want to take frequent doses in very small amounts. When taken orally, tinctures are processed the same way as edibles in the body, so they may not take effect for several hours.

Cannabis Deals in Milford, OH

At UpLift, we pride ourselves on offering great deals on all our cannabis products. We feature weekly specials that take anywhere from 20% to 50% off the price of popular products and featured brands. This is a great way to explore new options for your medical cannabis treatments without investing a significant amount of money. Check out our special offers every week for the latest deals.

Why Choose UpLift?

UpLift’s state-of-the-art dispensary in Milford, Ohio, provides a comfortable and convenient place for patients to select and purchase medical marijuana products. We offer expert personal assistance and convenient online ordering for prompt in-store pickup. We’re dedicated to providing affordable cannabis products and an excellent selection.

Place Your Order for Medical Marijuana in Milford Today

If you’re shopping for medical marijuana in Milford, Ohio, visit our UpLift dispensary. Allow at least an hour for your first visit so you have plenty of time to check in and get a guided tour of our offerings. If you’re an existing customer, plan for about 30 minutes to get the care and service you need. Contact us now to plan your visit and learn more.

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